Junior Rangers

We took a Junior Ranger hike where we learned about many animals around the Canyon.  We learned how to tell if they are predators or prey (“eyes on the side, run and hide – eyes in the front, born to hunt!”).  The kids got activity books to help identify animals and canyon features.

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We have been telling our kids about how the Grand Canyon is like our sin — it is a great chasm between us and God.  Maybe if you are a really, really good person, maybe you could jump 10 feet across the canyon.  A not so good person maybe could only jump 2 feet —- but we all end up the same – dead at the bottom of the ONE MILE WIDE canyon.  Whether we try real hard and jump 2 feet or 10 feet, we all need help to get across the canyon.  That help of course is Jesus, who bridges the chasm between us and God.

We hope our kids will always think of God’s grace through Jesus when they remember the amazingly huge Grand Canyon.

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Gone Fish’n

We had no intention to fish – or any experience fishing.  But Nathan happened to find an old reel laying in the brush and asked if he could fish.  So he got some bread for the hook and tried his luck.  Wow!  He caught a trout.  Then another.  Then Ian tried and also got a fish! Twice a fish got his gills caught in the net and Nathan had no problem grabbing the fish to release them.


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